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models & features
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SPECIFICATIONS... and all of the rest

ToneStylers® utilize premium-quality musical instrument rotary switches custom-made by Grayhill® USA. Our switches are mil-spec, sealed, moisture-proof, shockproof, EMI/RFI shielded, and feature gold-plated terminals & shorting contacts for the lowest resistance & most quiet switching possible. Average life expectancy exceeds 100,000 operation cycles. All ToneStylers now feature our custom mid-length shaft, designed to accommodate all instrument control mounting surface thicknesses, hybrid solid-splined actuator tips to accommodate both set-screw and push-on knobs, and three discrete voicing ranges: GUITAR, BASS, and SUB BASS.

We use C0G Class A miniature ceramic capacitors of mil-spec quality, which are non-microphonic, sealed, and shockproof. Our premium-grade, low-loss ESV (equivalent series resistance) ceramic capacitors are the best-performing and most-stable type of miniature audio capacitor available, producing the smoothest & most-desirable audio filtering qualities; these are the perfect choice for compact guitar tone control use. Used commercially in virtually all guitars and basses since 1959, ceramic capacitors replaced the oversized, high-voltage paper & foil types formerly-used in radios, televisions and amplifiers.


               Capacitor myths
Don't believe the internet hype about paper & foil caps... aka "paper & oil " caps (a common error: there's no oil in them... only waxed paper & aluminum foil). They aren't "sonically magical"! When used in 'subtractive' hi-Z tone circuits, the audio performance and EQ curves of quality capacitors sharing the same µF value, but constructed of contrasting dielectrics... are identical. This fact is repeatedly confirmed via double-blind listening tests. The only legitimate "cork-sniffing" complaint applies to low-quality, off-spec, damaged, or microphonic capacitors... such as those thin disk caps with a tan, orange or yellow coating. Although the sellers of overpriced paper & foil capacitors would like you to believe otherwise, SBE's popular reissue of the original Sprague "Orange Drop" cap (about $3) are excellent... and they cannot be sonically-distinguished from a vintage or reissue "bumble bee" cap (about $60) having the same measured µF value. Although "opinions may vary", we all know the old saying about what "opinions are like". Stellartone recommends that you spend your money on provable tone and performance... not sales hype and reviewer nonsense!


  • Designed for easy, drop-in replacement of any standard tone pot with a 3/8" diameter USA bushing; no modifications or routing required
  • Hand-wired and manufactured in the USA by Stellartone
  • 100% pure analog high-impedance passive tone circuitry, with zero  noise, hiss, distortion, limiting, compression or clipping
  • Heavy-duty sealed mil-spec rotary switches with gold contacts and terminals, made in the USA by Grayhill, Inc.
  • The traditional and popular "notched rotation" mechanical design, with SIX or TEN switch positions
  • 30° rotary switch detent spacing matches standard 30° numeral spacing... as used on Gibson USA push-on top hat and speed knobs
  • TEN position ToneStylers feature one tone pot emulation circuit in position #9 (adjacent to "true bypass" position #10) which precisely duplicates the tonality of either a 500kΩ .022μF tone pot (G-10) or a 250kΩ .047μF tone pot (B-10) when set wide-open.
  • SIX position ToneStylers feature only "true bypass" at full clockwise position #6.
  • Solid-cast metalized polymer modules are color-coded by EQ range: BLUE for BASS, GREEN for GUITAR
  • Molded-in color-coded low-capacitance shielded cables by Mogami
  • Complete with mounting hardware and instructions
  • Not compatible with low-impedance, Piezo, or active (battery-powered) pickups



  • Click here to view the imperial and metric dimensions of all 2017~2018 ToneStyler models, plus mounting suggestions
  • Mounting bushing diameter: 3/8"-32 [U.S.A. standard diameter - mounts through 3/8" diameter hole (9.5mm)]
  • Mounting bushing length: 1/2" mid-length (12.7mm)
  • Does NOT FIT through an 8mm metric pot hole, i.e. Epiphone; before installation, drill metric holes out to 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Splined-tip actuator: Stellartone's proprietary "solid-splined" plated bronze alloy tip omits the traditional "split-shaft" slot; 0.235" dia. x 0.275" tall 24-fine-spline  U.S.A. tip for U.S.A. push-on knobs and 6mm hole metric set-screw knobs; for 1/4" hole U.S.A. set-screw knobs, add the supplied 1/4" brass sleeve
  • DOES NOT FIT18-coarse-spline  molded acrylic push-on metric knobs, i.e. Epiphone; swap out an Epi knob with the matching Gibson USA knob
  • Compact .87" / 22.1mm (+/- .02" / .5mm) round footprint is slightly-smaller than a standard 15/16" (24mm) full-sized CTS potentiometer
  • Low-profile metalized polymer module requires a minimum of 0.85" / 21.6mm depth inside the instrument's control compartment
  • Weight of ToneStyler & cable(s), not including added hardware: 0.94 oz to 1.2 oz each.

    Do you have a unusual, custom-made or non-standard instrument? Does it have "mini-pots", or a shallow, tiny control compartment? Before purchase, verify your instrument's control cavity clearances; the thickness of the mounting surface, and the desired knob height, also affects how much "air space" will be required inside the instrument:

  • A typical ToneStyler installation through a thin plastic pickguard calls for 1.16" / 29.5mm of air space inside the guitar or bass; click here to view typical thin-surface mounting positions
  • When installed through a 3/8" thick solid wood surface, only 0.85" / 21.6mm of air space is required inside the guitar or bass


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