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Audio Demos

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Each of these sound clips features a guitarist playing a series of phrases while rotating through the old tone pot, followed by a pause, then a second series of phrases using the new sixteen-position ToneStyler® tone selector.

At the start of each clip, the guitarist plays a short phrase with the old tone pot wide-open, on "10".... the sound all of us use every day. This phrase is then repeated with the tone pot turned counter-clockwise to about 6... then to 3... then finally with that very dark & bassy tone on 0.

The "before" half of each series ends with a short pause...

... then this musical phrase is repeated, this time with the ToneStyler on "16". The "after" demo continues as the ToneStyler is turned counter-clockwise through a short selection of discrete contours, starting at around #10 and ending at #1.

As you listen to these clips, refer to each tone control's EQ curve chart below. You will clearly hear both mids & trebles being reduced together in the "before" half of each clip, while midrange is retained, and only treble is reduced, in the "after" half of each clip... just as the charts show. Naturally, these clips will sound their best using high-quality speakers or headphones. Thank you for listening!

 Before...              ...and After

Click here for more information about the recording of these clips.

SoundClip -     A_TONESTYLER_LESPAULJR.MP3Spacer(652.1KB)
OVERDRIVE Marshall 18 watt combo, Gibson P90, 1 MegΩ Volume control. Note thin, soft tones "before"... fat, hard tones "after".

CLEAN Fender Twin, Seymour Duncan Customs, 500kΩ Volume Controls. Note lack of focus "before". "After", a new range of character never heard from a "stock" Firebird.

CLEAN Fender Twin, Seymour Duncan Customs, 500kΩ Volume Controls. This 70's vamp was chosen to show how retained midrange brings out the pick's sound, creating a chunky percussive attack not heard "before".

SoundClip -   E_TONESTYLER_TELE_BRIDGE.MP3Spacer(379.5KB)
CLEAN Fender Twin, Fender "NoCaster" pickups, 250kΩ volume control. The "before" tone control's performance is useless. "After", hear new midrange colors from the venerable Telecaster. Cut through the mix and stand apart from the vocals.

SoundClip -   F_TONESTYLER_TELE_NECK.MP3Spacer(440.7KB)
CLEAN Fender Twin, Fender "NoCaster" pickups, 250kΩ volume control. "Before" tone series shows why no one uses their tone knob. "After" series reveals bell-like resonances hiding beneath the sparkle of the neck pickup.

SoundClip -   G_TONESTYLER_PRS_NECK.MP3Spacer(545.2KB)
CLEAN Fender Twin, PRS McCarty Archtop pickups, 250kΩ Volume control. The old control still works for mellow jazz, but the ToneStyler makes one guitar do the job of a half-dozen. Jazz tones from 1930 to 2030!

SoundClip -   H_TONESTYLER_PRS_NECK.MP3Spacer(741.1KB)
CLEAN Fender Twin, PRS McCarty Archtop pickups, 250kΩ Volume control. This chord vamp illustrates how midrange brings out string attack even when finger-picking. The old control doesn't cut through, while the ToneStyler adds rhythmic clarity that will stand out in the mix and on stage, without unwanted brilliance.

SoundClip -   I_TONESTYLER_STRAT_NECK.MP3Spacer(499.9KB)
OVERDRIVE Marshall 18 watt combo, Fender American Std Strat pickups, 250kΩ volume control. "Before" tone adjustments muffle the tone, while "after" settings are bold & focused. Our demos cover the full range, but high ToneStyler numbers work best on the Strat.

SoundClip -   J_TONESTYLER_LESPAUL_NECK.MP3Spacer(495.4KB)
OVERDRIVE Marshall 18 watt combo, Gibson Burstbucker 2 pickup, 1 MegΩ volume control. "Before" settings take all the bite out of the rhythm humbucker, but "After" delivers authentic 60's British blues-rock.

OVERDRIVE Marshall 50 watt half-stack, Gibson Burstbucker 3 pickup, 1 MegΩ volume control. Marshall + Les Paul + ToneStyler... that's how we roll.

Many thanks to guitarists Fred Epping and Dave Vaccher, and to recording engineer Bob Pagano of Mountain View Productions, Grants Pass Oregon, for their fine work in creating this demo.

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