Stellartone - International Order Request Form

International Order Request Form

International customer sales via PayPal are welcome!

Please submit a shipping address which you have previously used when receiving merchandise paid via PayPal. Stellartone's $85 USD minimum order amount applies to all international orders.

International shipping rates are discounted or free, based upon your order size and actual shipping cost. The discount is calculated at 15% of the merchandise cost, but not to exceed 100% of the actual shipping cost. Before your payment is made, both the actual and the discounted shipping costs will be provided for your review and approval. Stellartone ships exclusively via the United States Postal Service, using the Priority or Express International Mail insured rate, which includes electronic tracking and delivery estimated within six to ten business days.

Discounted or free shipping applies solely to accepted orders, without subsequent exchanges, returns or refunds. Click here to see the Stellartone "Satisfaction Guarantee" for all details. If an international order is returned for refund, Stellartone will deduct the actual shipping costs previously paid by Stellartone, and exclusively refund the remaining balance to the customer.
          Thank you for your understanding!

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* Postal Code / Zip Code:
* Country:
* Telephone (required for U.S. Customs Form):
* My PayPal shipping address, shown above, is:
* Stellartone products to be ordered, including quantities, and any comments ($85 USD minimum order):
*** Items requested above must be IN STOCK*** Please check availability and pricing in the Stellartone web store before ordering!
* Email address, for use with PayPal:
* Repeat your PayPal email address:
Your contact information and inquiry are strictly confidential; Stellartone will not sell or disclose any email address or customer information to anyone, for any commercial purpose.

*** End of order form ***

When you are satisfied with your order request, and have confirmed that your PayPal email and shipping addresses are correct, click the "SUBMIT" button, directly below.

If nothing happens after clicking "SUBMIT", there is information missing in your form. Please review your form, and be certain that all questions have been answered. Thank you for your order!

We will reply shortly with a secure PayPal invoice which details the merchandise, and the discounted insured shipping cost for your review and payment.


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